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Therapy Through Music

It is widely believed that music can touch the soul. That it can soothe, pacify and heal the body. If you are recovering from Illness , or suffer stress and depression, then discover the benefits of musical thereapy and help repair your mind, body and soul. Build confidence, improve your posture, restore your self esteem. If you think music therapy can help you then contact:


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Customer Feedback

I was a member of Penarth Operatic and Dramatic Society (PODS) joining in 1985 and being mainly in the dramatic section, occasionally appearing in the musical chorus mainly to swell the numbers. I can recall feeling envious of the talented singers in the society and hoped to join them one day. i discovered that several of the leading male singers were receiving lessons from Maria and they suggested that I should do that also.


I recall my first lesson as I was very nervous of trying to sing properly in front of somebody and not making a fool of myself, but Maria put me completely at ease and I was even able to do some singing. Maria has a gift of putting you at ease and getting a good response from you, and gradually realising that I could sing. I was taught how to breathe properly, project my voice, how to stand, and reach notes I thought were out of my range.


I thoroughly enjoy singing now and was even starting to get solo lines. In late 1988 I suffered a stroke and when I recovered I was left unable to sing again or even to speak lines having little breathing ability. I contacted Maria with my problems again and I was assured that she could help me. We started off with basics and again gradually I was back to acting and singing far better than before and could hold a note, seemingly forever.


in 1994 I performed my first solo singing as part of a trio performing numbers from The Desert Song and from then I started getting leading roles in musicals. Before each audition Maria would go through the score advising me how the part should be sung and how I needed to stand and deliver. I retired from PODS in 2007 and accepted that my theatrical career was over although I did join some choirs for a period.


I now come up to date. In 2013 I suffered another stroke the effects being balance difficulties and loss of voice projection. I contacted Maria again recently and have started sessions again and even after only three lessons I feel much happier - Maria is doing it again.


Knowing Maria for so long I can say that she is a magician who not only got me acting and singing properly and making my life much better, but feel that she will greatly improve my present situation. Maria has exceptional talent and empathy and I feel that whatever she wants to do in the future she will be 100% successful and be helpful and sympathetic to any need.


John Bowen

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